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B2B Marketing


B2B Marketing

Not getting the response that you expected from your business-to-business (B2B) marketing program?
(This article is for you!)
B2B marketing can be extremely difficult IF it’s not planned correctly.

Digital platforms such as Facebook, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter allow companies to easily create and publish beautiful online adverts (and at a very low cost).

Each day your prospects (potential customers) perform common tasks such as checking their Facebook or surfing the web which exposes them to this advertising “noise”.

The challenge for B2B Marketers across all industry segments is to cut through this noise to gain your buyer’s attention – EVEN for just a moment.

So, how do you do this?

The secret is pretty simple. Effective B2B Marketing is achieved through targeted, focused and relevant advertising content to your buyer. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But as any experienced marketer knows, it’s REALLY HARD!

To help you along the way, we are happy to share the methodology that we use for our customers with you.
(Because it really works!)

rev™ B2B Marketing – building targeted and effective campaigns

(Step 1) Build the Strategy and Plan

Before you start spending money on advertising its essential that you get the plan right first. Without a clear and focused plan, you will not get the results that you are expecting. Spend some time to work through the following:

• Develop your brand strategy and positioning
• Build your customer avatar
• Research your target market
• Define your campaign offer and objectives
• Build a content and messaging strategy
• Understand the tools or infrastructure you may need
• Build the supporting sales tools
• Define your campaign measurement criteria

Need some help with your strategy?
Download our Product and Brand Strategy Guide here [Download Here]
Need to develop a Sales Plan? [Learn How]

(Step 2) Build the Marketing Campaigns

Once your strategy and plan are in place, your next task is to build the marketing to generate the online traffic and create new target audiences.

• Learn the difference between online advertising and digital marketing
• Choose the marketing platform best suited to your target market
• Create your content (blogs, articles, adverts, landing/conversion pages)
• Generate your online audience and traffic
• Engage your audience (conversions)
• Refine, adjust and strengthen the campaign.

Download our 10-Step Process to Implement Digital Marketing Guide [Download Here]

(Step 3) Build the Sales Engagement Programs
How to turn online audiences and into customers.

Your marketing will generate leads. Leads that have either called you, enquired via email, subscribed or downloaded something, and maybe even purchased something (depends on your strategy).

The way you engage these leads is crucial to the success of your campaigns. Here are some suggestions to ways that you can engage and nurture these buyers through to purchase.

For a list of buyer targeted activities, please visit our Sales Engagement Program page [View List]

(Step 4) Support your Team with Sales Coaching & Mentoring

Sales Coaching & Mentoring is developing the right mind-set, skills, toolkits and behaviours that allow your sales team to confidently complete their sales engagements.

We focus on the goal: Working with your leadership team, we work with your sales team to create a clear and focused plan, and then break this plan into logical and achievable improvements tasks.

Our mentoring and coaching programs quickly develop self-confidence to plan and set goals, solve common problems, create business opportunities, and ultimately create stronger business relationships with customers.

Need some more information about sales coaching and mentoring? [Learn More]

rev™ has been providing business coaching and mentoring to our company for the past 6-months. Our marketing results have been excellent, and our sales have increased more than three times compared to the previous year. We also have a far wider distribution network now in place that allows us to scale. We are extremely happy with the business strategy, advice and services provided by rev™. - Matthew Bishop, Location Co
88% of B2B Marketers use Digital Content Marketing for their Lead Generation.

Need the help of an expert B2B Marketer?

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration are EXPERTS at B2B Marketing.
Our experience in B2B Marketing covers a variety of industry segments including:
• Software or Hi-Tech Companies
• Cloud / Internet Agencies
• App Developers (iOS and Android)
• Trade Service Companies
• Packaged Goods and FMCG
• Finance and Insurance
• Retail.

We work as a business consultant to help plan and implement B2B marketing and sales strategies. For companies who wish to do it themselves, we also offer a DIY Training service where we act as a trainer and mentor to your team.

Whatever model suits your type of business, speak with us on +61 3 9863 7444 about how we can tailor something to meet your business budget and objectives.

Take advantage of our FREE Business Consult offer.
To learn more about this offer and to book your consult session, click the Book Now!

Robert Durrant

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