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Digital Customer Experiences


Digital Customer Experiences

Digital Customer Experience (DCE) has become a key business differentiator for any company who has a focus towards an omni-channel digital engagement with their customers.

What is a Digital Customer Experience?

Digital Customer Experience is a matrix of the digital connections between a business and its online customer. This matrix of information builds ‘contextual intelligence’ about the customer to optimise their visit by providing ‘personalised shopping experience’ which helps them to research and purchase.

Personalised shopping experiences allow you to present relevant content or choices ‘on-demand’ which are driven by the customer’s online actions. The ultimate goal of a digital customer experience and a journey is to guide the customer through the research and education steps to the purchase.

How to create a ‘personalised’ Digital Customer Journey?

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of shopping interactions will be influenced by online activity either by a website or mobile devices.

This means that you WILL have a digital presence and that the majority of your customers WILL receive a digital experience from you.

With so many businesses in your segment each competing for the same audience, it’s only those who provide the BEST omni-channel digital customer experience that will survive.

Your marketing and sales goals for THIS YEAR must be to review and optimise your online presence.

It will NOT be enough to just continue throwing marketing budgets at social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Customer Experience projects components!

Knowing your customers are understanding and their challenge.
It’s important that you understand who your potential buyer is and the type of problems they face. Know this, and you can more easily create a solution that represents real with value.

Creating value-add customer solutions.
Solve the challenge of your customers and create value-add solutions supported by sales toolkits, marketing messages, and targeted digital campaigns.

Understanding how your online customer traffic will be generated.
You will be driving traffic to your website. Will this be generated from campaigns on Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram, email marketing, or events or seminars?

Map your customer’s purchase decision process to your online digital journey.
Personalised shopping experiences allow you to present relevant content or choices to your online customers ‘on-demand’ driven by their online actions. You need to pre-empt these online steps as they move from research and learning stage to the purchase.

Determine the best way to represent this in a digital environment.
It’s essential that you understand how your buyers research and purchase products and services like yours. Your landing page should be designed in a way that they accommodate this process and the types of information or actions the shoppers may need.

Understanding the digital tools that are available.
Understand the various digital technology and tools that are now available. Work with digital agencies who have access to digital marketing tools, website and mobile app developers, and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice assistant tools, Augmented reality, and Webot plugins.

Need help getting started?

As more and more companies begin to explore hyper-targeted digital marketing, rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration is there to show them how to correctly plan and invest in personalised and contextual digital marketing and sales engagement programs.

rev™ is a digital transformation agency who helps companies to grow by implementing fully integrated ‘digital customer experiences and journeys’ . We provide products and services for Digital Channel Marketing, Omni-Channel Commerce, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Assisted Technologies, and Sales Engagement.

Understand practical business examples of using the Digital Customer Experience.
To help companies understand how digital can be used in their business, we’ve provided a business examples as thought provokers. [See How]

How start your Digital Transformation Project.
Want to kick-start your digital project? Learn our Digital Transformation Framework and process. [Learn More]

If you need some help to plan your companies digital experience journey, contact Robert Durrant on or call +61 3 9863-7444.

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