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Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

It's time to plan and build your Social Media & Digital Marketing program to support your rev™ Sales & Marketing Strategy. Take the jump into the online marketing world.

Social Media & Digital Marketing across the Internet has entirely changed how people communicate & connect, how brands conduct business, even how people interact. What once occurred via word of mouth, now occurs in ‘real-time’ through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. For any organisation, it has now become essential to have an online and ACTIVE presence.

Digital Marketing allows you to take advantage of the digital revolution. Over 1 Billion people EVERY DAY access Facebook. Our team will show you the correct way to generate Internet traffic and leads using advertising and marketing techniques from Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn and platforms such as YouTube. We will also show you some very cool digital marketing tools such as pixeling, remarketing and how to correctly use keywords and phrases to help you build SEO.

Our team is digital marketing accredited, and can show you how to;
(1) Develop a plan (2) Build online audiences (3) Grow website traffic (4) Turn audiences into customers within an automated lead generation and sales funnel program.

rev™ Digital Marketing brings together a team of experts that when combined provide an end-to-end digital program to achieve:

Compliant Websites: Ensuring visitor experience optimisation (VXO)

Web Stores (Omnichannel retailing): The ability to sell / transact on the Internet, locally or globally

Social Media Management: Utilising interactive forums such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn to reach targeted audiences

Blogs and Newsletters: Building loyalty and readership and gaining SEO

Digital Content Management: How to store, manage and publish content, images, documents in digital format that generate leads

Campaign Management: Building e-campaigns and push digital content and messages to your target market

Digital Advertising: Linking Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising (PPC and CPP) to an automated lead engagement process.

If your company recognises the value of Social Media & Digital Marketing, but is a little uncertain about how to ‘get-started’ or leverage the opportunities using Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn or YouTube, then rev™ Digital Marketing can formulate a plan to encapsulate your target market and best engage and manage your audience interactions.

rev™ Digital Marketing is about getting the strategy right FIRST!
If you don't get this piece right, there's a LOT of wasted time and money ahead.

Need help to get started? Head to our Blog Page, there is a heap of great articles and checklists that you can download and use for free. Our Resource Library also has a bunch of documents, case studies and cool templates that you can use to plan your Digital Marketing program.

Prefer to 'Do it yourself? We have a bunch of 'show me how' programs that will teach you the fundamentals on where to start. We recommend that you read our Digital Marketing How-To Guide article BEFORE you start ANYTHING.
This is one of our BEST articles, and highlights just how important it is to get the planning right at the start (we learnt this the hard way). This article also has a free project planner download to make life so much easier.

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