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Sales Coaching & Mentoring

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Sales Coaching & Mentoring

Sales Coaching & Mentoring is developing the right mind-set, skills, toolkits and behaviours that allow your sales team to confidently complete their sales engagements.

We focus on the goal: Working with your leadership team, we work as a group to define the overall sales and marketing business goals. We use these key elements within our sales coaching & mentoring programs to create a clear and focused plan, and then breaking these into logical and achievable improvements.

We focus on the team: Assisting you and your team within their personal and professional development, helping them to achieve those agreed goals. We mentor and also coach individuals to quickly develop their capacity to plan and set goals, solve common problems, create business opportunities, and ultimately boost their self-confidence to achieve greatness.

rev™ Sales Coaching & Mentoring Service Outcomes:
• Evaluation - what's working well for you, and how this could be improved
• Setting achievable sales targets, individually or as a team
• Differentiate yourself from your competitors
• Develop a clear sales plan & process
• Understand the power of network marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn. etc)
• Develop sales opportunities by breaking through call reluctance issues
• Build powerful rapport by understanding the client and their influences
• Create winning sales communication skills
• Develop face-to-face presentation skills with decision makers
• Present client benefits & ROI succinctly as a winning opportunity
• Enhance a positive and encouraging sales team environment
• Understand the synergy between the marketing & sales departments
• Develop capabilities of new sales executives
• Learn sales skills, sales processes, and sales engagement steps
• Close sales, exceed targets within a quicker time frame.

Need a Sales Coach or Mentor?
Robert Durrant, CEO of rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration is a business coach and mentor who specialises within the marketing and sales segments (he also really loves this stuff).
He has worked with numerous business owners, professional athletes and sports players, as well as university students who are beginning to plan for their future.

Robert offers one-on-one coaching with individuals and group programs designed to suit an organisation with an existing sales team.
Contact Robert Durrant at

Important Things to Remember.
Mentor will provide the guidance / advice to build strategy and plans. This in turn builds confidence, nurtures ideas, allows for advice and criticism, and helps with their enthusiasm. A good Mentor will bring in specialist coaches on topics.
Coach provide training and skill development in specific areas of improvement or where the individual may need extra help e.g. Public speaking.

Once you decide on a mentor or a coach, you will need to choose one that is right for you! Not every Mentor works well for everyone.
Take some time. Grab a coffee and some lunch, get a feel for the person and how they operate - make sure you both click.

rev™ Business Process Improvement (BPI), uses Six Sigma to implement change management, training, risk management, workflow, and continuous improvement programs, all part of sales coaching & mentoring.

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